Purchase Admission Online

Buy Admission Online - Non Refundable - Must be 21+

Please Note All Attendees Must be 21 Years of Age or Older, Valid Photo ID is Required at the door
  There is a $1.00 shipping fee for postage and handling.

Admission Rules

-Must be age 21 or older at time of admittance.
-Pennsylvania or other VALID State Issued ID must be presented at door.
-Advance Purchase Receipt is required at the door.
-Advance Purchase Tickets are Non Refundable and Non Transferable
-PLCB/PLCE rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.
-Visibly Intoxicated Persons (VIPs) will not be served.
-If Visibly intoxicated at the event entrance, Admittance will not be granted. No Refunds will be given.


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